Beverley Districts Motorcycle Club Inc.

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2015 Track Projects

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Projects 2015 - Beverley Districts Motorcycle Club

Loader repairs

Liquor License

Concrete Patio

Construct fence and tyre barrier from pitts to grandstand

Block holes in canteen to stop vermin entering

Remove baby trees from infield

Flag Marshalling huts- 4 left

Viewing platform in centre of track- need to level and fence

Battery operated winch for start gates

Modify gate dropping mechinism so riders can't cheat

Put roof on sea container and set up workshop

connect watertank to washbay

Fill all large holes in infield with soil and level

Remove tyres from track and errect MWA approved track markers

Build Limestone retaining wall around canteen

Remove and preserve Ulinga Park sign

New sign for front entry

Bob cat repairs (In progress)


BMX Track



Any help in any of these projects would be greatly appreciated and is usually done on a Saturday prior to a race meet.